About CQ

Welcome to Cranequip Engineering Ltd. We do business all over the world, especially in the Pacific Region, and we take pride in our excellent service and commitment to our customers.

Cranequip Engineering was formed in 2010 and in 2012 it procured the business of Kranequip Ltd which was established in 2003.

Cranequip Engineering has secured more agencies of materials handling equipment which brings a more diverse line of products to the NZ market place. 

CQ has its own crane design software which is customised for NZ requirements. We use our own MATHCAD design software. We also have the ability to do 3D drawings, stress analyses of structural steel designs using SOLID WORKS.

In addition to our own customised design package tailored for NZ requirements, we have a specialised crane design software package EUROPONT, which is unrivaled and state of the art design software solutions exclusively for the VERLINDE distributors. We can design and supply drawings for a crane in just a few minutes!!

CQ has been at the supply end of many cranes in NZ to satisfied customers.

CQ follows a PILOT office strategy which not just cuts down on overhead costs, it also brings to our clients superior quality, quick and reliable service, plus competitive pricing. 

CQ management has 20 years experience in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of cranes and 40 years in project management and development programmes. 

Our team includes a design engineer with professional qualifications: CPEng, IntPE. BE(Hons),MBA,MIPENZ.


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    • New monorail installation for a Bitumen Saturation Flowline. The Frame has a 2T SWL capacity and is fitted with a VR12 Velrinde Chain hoist and Motorised trolley.
    New Monorail fixed crane SWL 2T. For a new Bitumen Flowline to handle the paper rolls.
      • CQ received an order for 2 Explosion Proof Belt hoists for a Pharmaceutical facility in the North Island. These Belt hoists are unique to the Food Industry, offering a cleaner environment. Delivery is scheduled for Mid February 2014.
        • CQ secures the Verlinde agency for the Pacific Islands, Including New Caledonia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tuvalu, and other smaller Islands.   CQ, société d’engineering spécialisée dans des solutions pour le levage, est à la recherché d’une société partenaire pour la distribution d’équipement de levage de la marque VERLINDE. Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de nous contacter sur notre adresse : cqe@cranequipengineering.com.      -    CQ is seeking interested businesses in New Caledonia for the distribution of the Verlinde Brand of Lifting equipment. Please express your interest by return to cqe@cranequipengineering.com
          • February 2013 - Order for design, manufacture and Installation of a OHTC and its support structure. Completion scheduled for May 2013.
            • December 2012 - Custom design, manufacture and installation of an under slung trolley SWL 2T with extention for a client in Hamilton.
            • November 2012 - Installation of an inverter drive for a crane that was condemned due to its vigorous motions. We are proud that we were able to give precise and direct information and then remedied the crane to a state where it can now be put into operation.
              • November 2012 - CQ gets the job to fit guide rollers to a 5T crane.
                • October 2012 - New rail installation of 72m of A55 rail in Thames. CQ has been commissioned to procure and install of A55 rail to replace old rail that has worn out. Installation will start in January 2013.
                • October 2012 - Installation of an underslung crane and support structure in Auckland. October 2012. We have successfully installed a crane with the support structure in a large Auckland facility. This installation was a challenge in the sense that space was limited. Thanks to our SOLID WORKS capabilities and our highly qualified design engineer, we were able to design and manufacture this crane without any problems.
                  • February 2012 - Verlinde conference for the Pacific region, in China. Visit us on Facebook to see what they discovered. Verlinde is a very strong and large supplier of lifting equipment and are backed by many years of experience and innovative designs.
                    • News from Verlinde. Leading manufacturer of lifting equipment in Europe. Latest newsletter from CICA. To read please download file below.
                      • We have been commissioned to install an Under Slung Gantry Crane with a SWL of 1.5T. Works Completed successfully.
                        • We received an order for two end carriage sets destined for a client in the Christchurch.
                          • Re-Furbish 3 large crane wheels to one of our respected clients. These Wheels are fitted with the very high quality XTEK tyres.
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