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   The most versatile lifter on the market, the best price/performance ratio and a usage of jacks. The jack is fully mobile, can be transported anywhere and used immediately without any need of construction work. Regular revisions are not necessary when using use the jack. 
A very unique advantage is a possibility to overturn a lifted vehicle softly by a hand at any time according to needs of mechanics. This preference is allowed by lifting a car in its center of gravity.


EASYLift 1500

Lateral mechanical mobile lift using a variety of adapters 

EASYLift 1500 is a versatile mechanical lifter with a possibility to use several different adapters according to a type of an activity. It is fully mobile. It is purely mechanical powered by an electric hand drill. A gearbox thanks to a trapezoidal screw secures gradual running up and down.

EASYLift 1500 can lift a vehicle by using
  • an adapter under a wheel=fork
  • an adapter under a support beam = board
  • an adapter at a towbar. EASYLift 1500 can also lift motorcycles by “MOTO” adapter

EASYLift 1500 can be transported anywhere without a need of construction work.

EASYLift 1500 product includes 2 adapters:

  • an adapter under a wheel, so called fork,
  • an adapter under a support beam,

other adapters are available as optional accessories.

Technical data:
  • lifting capacity 1500 kg, a vehicle is not lifted as a whole but only its one half – maximum weight of a vehicle if using only a single pole is 3000 kg
  • dimensions 700 x 800 x1260 mm
  • weight 59 kg
  • lift 930 mm
  • lifting speed 50 sec.

Accessories for EASYlift 1500


  1. an adapter under the wheel-fork,
  2. an adapter under a support beam-boar = skid,
  3. “Moto” adapter
  4. an adapter for a towbar

Other accessories:

  1. a mechanical handle to operate without power supply
  2. a manual electric drill 1200W 230V
  3. a head to drill for using the jack (4-sides) – set of 2 pcs
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