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Belt Hoists

Verlinde electric belts hoist has been designed with this resolutely innovative attitude, as witnessed by the fact that its design alone has given rise to 3 patents.
The EUROLIFT BH is the only belt and hook hoisting unit offering you the following features in its standard version.
  • Hoisting belt: high strength belt with high safety factors, easy and quick to replace, thanks to its design.

•Two mechanically variable hoisting speeds.

• Belt guide: enhanced safety features against side pulling and twisting effects during lifting movement.

• Hoisting and control features complying with IEC 34.1/IEC 34.2, IP 55 protection and class insulation standard.

•Totally enclosed , high precision, silent and sealed reduction gear.

•Adjustable upper and lower limit switches.

•Travelling limit switches.

• Load limiter, safety feature protecting against excessive overloading of the pulley and runway path. (mandatory to comply with the "MACHINES" Directive)

•Very low “C” dimensions and hook “approaches“.

•True vertical lift (vertical movement of hook block when hoisting)

13 Oct 2011, 15:51