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VERLINDE introduce the EUROCHAIN VL, a range of high-tech lifting units. 
Compact and in-line designed, the EUROCHAIN VL can suit any specifi c 
requirement : capacities from 60 to 7500 kg, 1 or 2 speed hoisting, manual or 
electric trolley with adjustable speed, height of lift, FEM group 1Bm or 2m.
EUROCHAIN VL is designed to provide users with maximum safety, and is fi tted 
as standard with a torque limiter, a low voltage control, a hoisting disc brake 
and as option an upper and lower limit switch. The unit fully complies European 
Machninery Directive 98/37/CEE.
EUROCHAIN VL is available as :
• Hook suspended.
• Hooked or fi tted onto a push or chain driven trolley.
• Fitted into Eurosystem trolley.
• Hooked or fi tted into a motor-driven trolley.  

5 Nov 2013, 22:33