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Kromer Balancers

Kromer Zero Gravity Balancers with Fall Protection Device as a Standard Feature
Kromer Zero gravity balancers keep your load reliably and safely suspended at any height. You just pull the suspended tool to the position of your choice and release it. As no retraction force acts upon the tool, these balancers are ideal for delicate, high-precision tasks.

A particularly innovative development from Carl Stahl Kromer is the double-cable balancer model 7248. In addition to enhanced wear protection, the second cable functions as an integrated fall protection device in the event of cable breakage: Should one cable fail, the working load is immediately held by the second cable. This genuine Carl Stahl Kromer feature ensures the uncommonly high durability and increased safety of these zero gravity balancers.

Just like the Kromer spring balancers (retractors), some Carl Stahl Kromer zero gravity balancers are optionally available with a ratchet lock allowing you to arrest the retracting load at predefined positions. The arresting mechanism is automatically triggered if the load is moved back slowly. Fast retraction, in contrast, leaves the ratchet lock inactive.

All Carl Stahl Kromer zero gravity balancers have been life-tested and satisfy the DIN 15112 requirements. They also comply with the EC legislation on CE-marking and bear the „GS“ mark as a safety-tested product.

Spring Balancers (Retractors) with Automatic Retracting Function
Spring balancers (retractors) from Carl Stahl Kromer keep tools with a weight of up to 14 kg readily suspended within easy reach of the fitter, thereby contributing to a tidy workplace as well. 
Our spring balancers are designed so that the tool is automatically retracted to its initial position upon releasing it after use.

An automatic arresting mechanism (ratchet lock) is available in some models. It allows setting retraction stops to keep the load suspended at predefined positions. The stops are automatically activated if the working load (tool) is moved back slowly. If pushed back fast, the mechanism remains inactive.

As we put great stress on the quality of our products, all of our spring balancers have been life-tested and fully satisfy DIN 15112 requirements. They also comply with the relevant EC legislation, of course, as attested by the CE-mark. To round it all off, they also bear the „GS“ mark (safety-tested).

Air Hose Balancers with Integrated Compressed Air Supply
Instead of a steel cable, Carl Stahl Kromer air hose balancers feature a sturdy hose for compressed-air supply. 
Therefore, they are excellently suited for use with pneumatically operated tools. 
With an air supply of 900 l/min at 6 bar, all of these balancer models easily meet the requirements of industrial practice.

Besides, our air hose balancers give you all the advantages of normal spring balancers (“retractors”). They are great space-savers, easy to handle and even the smallest model comes with a safety chain as a standard feature. And just like all the other balancer models from Carl Stahl Kromer, the air hose balancers are life-tested and satisfy DIN 15112 requirements fully. Needless to say, they also comply with the EC legislation on CE-marking and bear the „GS“ safety-test label as well.

The Positioner has been designed for keeping supply units – providing water, compressed air, mains power/electric energy etc. – within easy reach at the desired, manually adjustable height.

It is now possible for the first time to “park” such supply units safely, away of hazardous areas. Whenever required during use, the supply unit can be simply lifted by hand to keep it out of the way. The integrated brake of the 5250 ensures the secure suspension of the supply unit in the chosen position, irrespective of weight changes caused, for example, when connecting or disconnecting compressed-air hoses, electric cables or other media. Likewise, the supply unit can be pulled down manually with ease to the most ergonomic working position.

Using the 5250 thus eliminates any dangers of head or upper-body injuries in the immediate working area, as may occur when using flexible supply lines.