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VHR Hand chain blocks.
The VHR is a compact, high-performance hand chain block with
rugged good looks, tested according to offi cial applicable 
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Spark proof hand chain block for loads from
500 to 20,000 kg.
A compact, high-performance chain block with rugged good looks, tested according to offi cial standards.

A wide range of options is available for this hand chain block :
-HR is stainless steel lift chain and hand chain.
-Chain bag.
-VHR with normal overhead trolley (HPN).
-VHR with short headroom trolley (HPR).
-Ex-Atex version VHR.
-VHR Ex with short headroom trolley.
-VHR with normal headroom trolley.

Load Limiters.
Why are load limiters needed ? Load limiters prevent accidents when the hoisted weight dangerously exceeds the rated values set by the maker or user of the equipment : it is a vital element to ensure the safety of operations personnel. 

Load balancers.


Range of air load balancers 
for loads from 70 to 350 kg

VERLINDE, EQUIBLOC AIR® pneumatic load balancers come with the following standard equipment : lift and lowering control circuit, 6m of cable, spiral flexible control conduit, valve-box type control interface and an automatic hook.
The following special safety features are also standard : pneumatic measurement load balancing, lift and lowering control unit with balancer mode switch, under-load detection, grip locks (where applicable) if load is lift and with safety valve to keep pressure in tank if the control tube is cut.
The EQUIBLOC AIR® range includes five models of load balancers for loads from 70 kg à 350 kg*.

* Lifting capacity with 7 bar input pressure, measured at the balancer piston.


Range of spring load balancer 
for loads of 0.7 kg to 55 kg.

Standard features included in basic prices :

-The complete balancer fitted with rope and lower hook
-With integrated rope guide for the K 32 & K 22
-With integrated rope guide and axles mounted on ball bearings for the K 4

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