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Water Treatment


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The BS20 and BS40 are entirely biological system revolving around the use of the MBBR technology.  Our system is divided in three compartment separated by sieves and grids. Spray nozzles on the top of the machine automatically stops foam formation and movements from and to the different compartments.
The system goes through four stages:
The equalizer tank (built by the customer) is used to build up reserve of waste water in order to limit sudden surges of input. Grids are installed to filter solid wastes, cigarettes butts, condoms etc…
The water then passes in the first MBBR compartment. An overflow drives the excess water to a second MBBR compartment. The blower agitates the bio carriers allowing the formation of biofilms which digest microorganisms. While the sludge settles at the bottom of the machine and is automatically evacuated, the water than goes through the final compartment composed of tube settlers. In this last compartment the water cascades down a series of tubular falls which uses gravity to remove the remaining solids. The resulting water is than partly re-injected in the first MBBR compartment and the rest is evacuated to be reused or released, according to the customer needs.

 The treatment capacity of the BS far exceeds expectations for such a compact system. The BS40 is estimated to treat up to 450m3 of water per day. This represents the daily consumption of 1500 people. Meanwhile, the BS20 treats up to 150m3 of water per day for the estimated daily consumption of 750 people.
This estimation is based on an average daily water consumption of 200 litres per day per person which is the average international estimate.
By itself, the MBBR technology presents a number of advantages that traditional water treatment processes lack of.  The BS20 and 40 are meant to be easily shipped, installed and handled. Keeping this optic in mind, the BS is designed to be transported in a standard ISO 40” container for the BS40, and a 20” container for the BS20. The system is 7 times more compact than traditional technologies (such as activated sludge) for the same volumetric output. The starting time of the machine takes 7 days. By the addition of cultivated bacteria, the duration can be shortened to 3 days.
The nature of the treatment allows a quick self adaptation to sudden loading peaks. Meanwhile, the ease of transportation and installation allows the use of multiple systems to be used in parallel for easy expansion of your WWT (waste water treatment) facility.
Great attention was given in regard to the quality of the BS. The system being built to run 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we left no chance for breakdown of vital components which might disrupt the flow of treatment. We have thus carefully selected our suppliers among the leaders in their industry and thus we can guaranty a premium quality product with a 1 year warranty on the major components (excluding wear and tear parts).
Because of the nature of the MBBR technology, its ease of operation, the absence of clogging and the long lasting capacity of our system, the BS offers a virtually maintenance free solution. The BS simply works on its own and digests the microorganisms thus limiting the sludge output which is automatically evacuated and can be used as a very efficient fertiliser, after being processed.
The Bio System BS uses an exclusively biological process. This means that no additional chemicals are required thus reducing the risk of handling, purchasing and storing of hazardous, harmful chemicals. Additionally the extensive aeration limits the built of gases, leaving the process nearly odourless.
With the use of a variator which controls the power flow of the machine to adapt the power consumption of the elements in accord to the waste water input, the BS is extremely power efficient. If coupled with the above stated advantages, the BS offers great cost efficiency in the medium and long term.
Power saving and entirely biological, the MBBR technology used in our BS makes our system the most carbon efficient waste water treatment technology available.
 •    Easy to handle, install and use
 •    Very compact
 •    Adaptable
 •    Easily upgradable
 •    Premium quality
 •    Maintenance free
 •    Low sludge output
 •    Chemical free
 •    Odourless
 •    Energy efficient
 •    Environmental friendly
 •    Cost efficient
The versatility of our system, its compactness, ease of use and handling makes it ideal for nearly every scenario.
The BS20 and the BS40 are designed for the treatment of sewage water or industrial waste waters (if coupled with other process to remove chemicals). The MBBR technology is one of the best for the treatment of organic and solid waste. The BS can thus be used in four different ways. The BS can be used as a standalone unit for the treatment of your effluents. it can also be used as a pre-treatment unit, for example as pre-reverse osmosis treatment. It can also be used as a post-treatment unit for a final polishing of the water. And lastly it is also perfect in to add in existing treatment plants to upgrade your treatment process or to limit space when building new treatment facilities.
 •    Standalone unit
 •    Pre-treatment unit
 •    Post-treatment unit
 •    Upgrade of treatment process
The BS does not produce pure drinking water. However the effluents are highly suitable for irrigation, gardens and are exceeding the European standard for water effluent so it can be release in nearby rivers, lakes or even in the sea.
 •    Agriculture (irrigation)
 •    Release in rivers
 •    Gardens/Golf course…
The multiple advantages of the system allow the BS to be used in any scenarios.
 •    Camps, Temporary construction sites, Army
 •    Condominium and housing projects
 •    Hospital, Hotels
 •    Schools, Universities
 •    Shopping centres, Sport complex
 •    Remote locations, Islands
 •    Industrial wastewater
Scenario 1: A hotel in a remote island is equipped with a BS20 which was easily shipped and installed. The BS20 covers the consumption of their 600 guests. Water is carried to the island by the mean of a pipe going to the main land. The water is expensive to import and the consumption for the smooth running of the hotel and watering of the garden is important. Since the BS20 was installed, the hotel’s effluents are treated and used for the irrigation of the garden thus cutting their water bills.
Scenario 2: A hospital is being heavily fined for releasing its waste waters in a nearby river. Since the hospital started its operation, the habitant downstream started complaining of inexplicable illnesses and local authorities are pointing at the hospital. The hospital management is conscious of this issue but has no space available to build a WWTP. The hospital purchases a BS and allocates a few parking lots for its installation. They also add a compact UV treatment to the process. When authorities next came to test the water, they notice that the hospital effluents are back to normal levels and thus lift the fines and penalties thus limiting the hospital spending.