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Wheels & Gears
Wheel assemblies and heavy-duty, rail-based material handling equipment, we also supply standard and custom crane wheels and sheave wheels for all applications.

Available in diameters of 150mm to 915mm. Larger wheels on custom design and manufacture.We also design and manufacture custom wheels for your specific design application in any configuration. We are always ready to make recommendations when these wheels need to be integrated into complete wheel assemblies.

If you do not have a drawing or specification for your wheel requirement, then we will engineer the specification and drawings for you.

Material Grades and Wheel Hardness

We can supply wheels with more expensive materials to suit your service requirements.

Standard Crane Wheel MaterialRESULTING HARDNESS RANGES
AISI C-1045/C-1050320-400 Bhn, 43-47 Rc
AISI C-1055/C-1060320-400 Bhn, 43-47 Rc, 50-55 Rc, 58-62 Rc
AISI C-1070, 4140, 4340320-400 Bhn, 43-47 Rc and as required