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Wire Rope Hoists

Wire rope hoists are usually used in heavy industrial applications or where the duty rating of a hoist is high. It is also preferred in applications where the height of lifting is quite large and calls for greater efficiency and durability. 
Wire rope hoists comes in 3 main categories of construction. These are:
  •  Monorail (under slung) design where the hoist is suspended from the bottom flange of a beam.Top Running design where the hoist runs on the top of two (double) girders and the hook normally passes through the middle of the two beams.
  • Fixed hoists that comprises of the hoist without the Trolley (Crab). It can be supplied in either foot, side or upper mounting positions. 
In order to select the correct duty rating, follow this summarised guideline. ISO rating chart.
The ISO rating chart fall in the following grouping. M3 - M4 - M5 - M6 - M7 - M8. Higher classifications can be achieved but only in very rare coditions.
  • M3 - Light duty. Lifting the rated catacity very rarely and normally only do light loads.
  • M4 - Fairly frequently lift the rated load but mostly lighter loads.
  • M5 - Mostly medium loads and frequently rated loads.
  • M6 - Mostly rated loads with fairly frequent use
  • M7 and higher - Almost always full rated load and very heavy fequency. Typical of Steel Mill cranes etc.

Please note that this is only a guide and accurate assesment should be requested from us.

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