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Installations and Repair

  • Cranes manufacture
  • Cranes Installations
  • Crane support structures manufacture
  • Crane support structure installations
  • Flowline manufacture
  • Flowline Installations
  • Certified welding on site and off site

22T hoist for Chip Wood Loader. 

Custom designed.

2x10T Underslung Crane.
Award winning Innovative design & manufacturing to solve a difficult application.


Large Wire Rope Drum.

Manufactured with Bissaloy Steel.

Cranequip designed and manufactured by approved sub-contractors

Typical application of a Jib Crane. 

Customer wanted an unusual application and KraneQuip solved the problem
 with this de

Chain Hoist with Custom Designed Trolley/Beam

Two 15kW long travel motors

Supply and Installation of 5T crane

Monorail trolleys for stadium roof maintenance

Refurbish old crane and install at new location.

New hoist supplied and fitted onto old trolley.

Two 3T cranes fabricated and ready for assembly and installation.

Monorail crane rail beams.

Support columns for crane rails.

Contactors layout for OHTC.

Monorail crane supplied and installed, with second hand hoist.

Supply of new Munck hoist for truck trailer handling facility.

Munck hoist on A frame.

Gearbox and Munck motor refurbished

Reeling drum refurbished.

Gearbox serviced.

Custom built collector brushes for reeling drum.

Control panel for 16T crane with Munck hoist.

Panel contactors layour for complete crane with three directions of movement.

Another new hoist fitted to an old trolley.

Underslung 3T crane supplied and installed.

Chutes for conveyor system.